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About our sponsors

Influance Hair Care

Inflúance Hair Care Professional is one of the leading product companies in the industry, with cosmetologist nationwide and a presence in over 42 states. Award winning hair stylists use our products to bring latest fashion and beauty trends to their clients through color, style, care and form product ranges.

What We Do?

  • We develop innovative professional hair products and concepts through extensive research and development and through creative imagery .
  • We deliver personal service and support to cosmetologists and their clients.
  • We are committed to serving the cosmetology industry by providing educational and motivational seminars.

7 Hues Magazine is a quickly growing upcoming publication that seeks to provide diverse content through print and digital presentation with a variety of different topic areas based around fashion, beauty, hair and art. We work to provide a welcoming platform where all creatives can come together to create a healthy dialogue about today’s creativity as well as be able to view what’s hot and what’s new in today’s society. We are the future of today’s platform for creative minds!

With our hair edition of 7Hues launching in early February, which will be sponsored by Inflúance Hair Care, we look to be the new go to publication for all hair creations, styles, and education.

The hair edition of 7hues will be issued quarterly. Look forward to seeing our magazine on your local newstand.

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