Behind Éditions MR is the idea; one might even say the fantasy of a rugged man, bordering occasionally on the edge of casual. His clothes are his pals, his traveling companions. They are made of fine material asking to be just ever so roughed up and thread-worn. They are clothes that live fully and take their hits on the chin. Wherever he goes, the Éditions MR man goes through life draped with the carefree attitude of a morning-after-a-night-before, where the smell of cognac and tobacco lingers.

Founded by Mathieu de Ménonville, Éditions MR first opened in his apartment. Friends flock to the flat-boutique to admire his creations, often with drinks in hand. As word spreads, clients soon begin to crash the party, and a year later, the first boutique opens in the Haut-Marais. It is there where made-to-measure suit tailoring joins the label’s ready-to-wear line.

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