Man of Action – An Interview with Miguel Perdomo

Man of Action

Theo Hanson sits down with model and father Miguel Perdomo and talk life and business.
interview by Theo Hanson

TH ​-​ ​Miguel Perdomo! How are you? I am great thank you for asking its been a long time coming but I am grateful to still be here working.
MP -​ It’s a pleasure to have you featured as our “7 Hues Man” in our latest 7Hues Issue.

TH -​ ​How does it feel?
MP -​ Feels amazing thank you for reaching out to me and also featuring me I am honored.

TH -​ ​So, Miguel! Tell us a bit about yourself; Who is Miguel Perdomo?
MP -​ Miguel Perdomo is a family/ renaissance man coming from Paterson nj born and raised and graduated in the streets as a hustler (not drug dealer) but as a man who can get the job done. A man of action and no talking.

TH -​ ​Let’s get into your background a bit; Where are you from? What’s your nationality?
MP -​ I am Dominican American. My parents 1st generation Dominican and I am second.

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