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Photographer: Sylwia Wozniak  IG: @snowhitephotography
Stylist: Leen-Abu Esheh  IG: @leen.abueisheh
Make up: Kite Chuang using SUQQU  IG: @kite_makeup
Hair Stylist: Makoto Hayashi  IG: @makotohair
Model: Ava Leoncavallo  IG: @oxygenmodels


Kids wears: Skirt+Heels: Sofia Ilmonen
Yellow Shirt: Zara Basics
Purple Shirt: Next

Kids wears dress: Sofia Ilmonen Earrings: Feihefeihefeihe
Look Left: Kids Wears Top: Mango Blazer: Sofia Ilmonen Jeans: Guess Earrings: Feihefeihefeihe Heels: Newlook //// Look Right: Kids Wears Jumper+Pants: Sofia Ilmonen Jeans: Marks and SPencer Heels: Newlook

Kids wears Top+Shirt: Pheonix Yang Jewlery: Feihefeihefeihe
Kids wears Robe+Bra: Sofia Ilmonen Skirt: Vintage Gres Par Fur Slides: Peacocks
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