Nintendo’s Japan-only Mini Famicom lets you out-hipster gaming friends

Sure, you might think you’re the most hip, cool, finger-on-the-pulse-of-gaming kinda guy having pre-ordered Nintendo’s upcoming emulation box, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES. But after you’ve invited everyone round to fawn over the detail in the Mini NES cartridge slot, served a few light beverages, and begun to feel really good about your choices in life, along comes your older, beardier, always-slightly-more-trendy friend. Tucked under his arm, just in sight, is Nintendo’s Japan-only Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer, otherwise known as the Mini Famicom.

Distraught, you begin talking about how your Mini NES comes with 30 built-in games in a vain attempt to cushion the blow, but to no avail. The Mini Famicom with its Japan-exclusive games and import-only cachet has stolen your thunder. Oh yes, check and mate my friend. You’ve been well and truly out-hipstered.

And why not? Just look at how much more exciting the Mini Famicom is with its chintzy red finish. It even has hard-wired controllers, just like on the original Japanese Famicom that was released way back in 1983 (two years before it was released in the US, and three before Europe). Also like the original, the Mini Famicom is functionally identical to the Mini NES, containing 30 emulated versions of classic 8-bit Famicom/NES games that it spits out over a modern HDMI cable in glorious HD. Multiple display modes—including one that simulates old CRT screens—and save states are also part of the package.

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