Nintendo NES Classic Edition Latest News & Update: Where To Get The Limited Nintendo Gaming Console Before It’s Gone?

With the holidays fast approaching, more retailers have been announcing that the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is out of stock. However, fans’ search will not be in vain as other retail stores in the market are still selling the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, but only with limited stocks.

Limited Stocks On Walmart

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition has been a recent sell-out since the Japanese company announced its launch in the market. So far, other retailers such as Best buy, GameStop and Amazon have recently declared the Nintendo NES Classic Edition “sold out”, but Walmart still remains as the go-to retailer in the market with limited stocks on the classic gaming console.

With its 30 downloaded games is still listed at Walmart’s official website and is still available for a price of $59.99. However, the retailer is making sure that the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is available by only listing small number of batches every day at 5:00 p.m. EST until November 18.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Features

The Classic Edition is a gaming console manufactured by Nintendo and it is the perfect console to bring back the old days of pixelated gaming in the TV screens. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition has 30 games in its arsenal including “Metroid”, Super Mario Bros.”, “Galaga” and more.

The Nintendo delivers the timeless classics in the 90s, this time in the television screen with High-Definition Resolution over HDMI. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition also has a reference to the original Nintendo Entertainment System with the mini-NES gaming console matching the Gray and Black colors the original had back in 1985.

Flash sale just started today and by minutes, the Nintendo gaming console was out of stock. But for some consumers who would like to order the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, go to the Walmart’s official page and bookmark a page before its too late.

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