Former NBA Commissioner David Stern calls for legalization of sports betting in U.S.

On Thursday at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, former NBA Commissioner David Stern was the featured speaker and had some very interesting things to say to American Gaming Association CEO Geoff Freeman regarding sports gambling in the United States — calling for its mainstream legalization:

Over time I’ve come to accept the notion that a properly run gambling operation …  is protective, and not deleterious, to the health of sports … I guess I would say early on, I realized this idea that gambling is bad –€” it’s a state-regulated or Nevada-regulated industry –€” the notion that that’s going to lead to bad things has gotten to be an outdated notion as we learn more about illegal gaming and the size of the market.

Via Legal Sports Report’s Dustin Gouker, we then learned about the federal framework Stern would propose to include stakeholders in the process:

We have got to get everyone together, that involves the casinos, the gaming tech companies, the financial regulation experts … and the sports leagues, and come up with what I would like to see in terms of model legislation … That requires the sports leagues to participate, to contribute their intellectual property to the process, regulate the gaming in a certain way, with guarantees for its integrity. … And then the regulatory scheme that emerges and gets passed, let states and the sports leagues to opt in if they want to.

Ever since his retirement, Stern has been making a very dedicated push towards gambling legalization — as this is not the first time Stern has advocated the movement in a public forum:

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