Top 6 tips to prevent wrinkles and premature aging

Aging is just in numbers today. There are so many cosmetic treatments and creams available that you can look much younger than your age. You can effectively prevent wrinkles and premature aging with various methods.

LifeCell skin care solutions not only help to defy aging but also make your skin look young. A healthy lifestyle and your choice of makeup also affect aging.

Listed are top 6 tips to prevent wrinkles and premature aging on your skin, read on.

1. Have a balanced diet

Food does play an important part in preventing wrinkles. Include healthy food portions like green veggies in your daily diet plan. Avoid foods that are oily as that can affect your skin. Also, have two portions of fruits in your daily diet plan. Have food sources that are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. Plan your diet to keep your skin healthy and glowing. A balanced diet is important for skin aging.

2. Hydrate your skin

You must have heard this many times, but this plays the basis of healthy skin. Proper hydration helps to remove unwanted toxins from your body and also moisturizes your skin. It’s important that you have at least ten to fifteen glasses of water on a daily basis. Also, have herbal tea like green tea for complete detoxification. Have natural fruit and vegetable juices as its good for hydration of your skin.

3. Apply a good sunscreen

It’s important to apply a good sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. UV rays can affect your skin to cause age spots and fine lines. You must apply a sunscreen of more than 40 SPF whenever you step out in the sun. You can also apply sunscreen with natural moisturizing properties for your skin. Sunscreen is like a shield for your skin.

4. Use a natural moisturizer

Proper skin care is important if you want to maintain younger skin. Opt for good cleansers and exfoliates for skin care. Moisturizing your skin is equally important as it helps to provide moisture to your skin. Choose creams with natural moisturizing properties. LifeCell skin care cream moisturizes your skin and prevents wrinkles and age spots.

5. Sleep well and exercise

If you don’t sleep properly it can affect your skin to cause wrinkles. It’s important that you get at least eight hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can also make your skin look dull and lifeless. Also, exercise for about half an hour daily. Exercise provides oxygen to your skin and makes your skin look young. Daily exercise prevents wrinkles and lines.

6. Apply DIY masks and skin oils

You can apply natural DIY masks to look young. Papaya mask and avocado mask not only moisturize your skin naturally but also help to tighten your skin. You can also apply face packs with natural ingredients.

Skin oils are also effective in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Skin oils like olive oil and jojoba oil can help to make your skin look younger. You can massage these oils on your skin before sleeping to get great results.

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