Director, photografy, editor: – Diego46
Soundtrack – Alexandre Navarro – We Love
Art director/styling: Jhoey chinalder
Fashion ssistants: vivian kondo, marina avello, jaqueline thums, ana caroline resende.
Make: Caterine viana/ assistants: renato gurgel and felipe caxito
Hair: Ludimila moreira
Models: Adriana tyllmann (lequipe agency)
Dion dion (diones) (oxx agency)
Jhoey chinalder (surreal mgmt)
Designers: jaqueline thums (by estilos urbanos) ana caroline resende, lucas bassetto, marina avello, denis mathias, marina cattai, gui amorim (studio traça)
Plastic lover
Tells the story of two men in love with a mannequin, revealing an immoral and indecent “addiction”. They exchange a world of desires; sensations and freedom, by the prison and coldness of immobility, just to be with his great love.
The editorial is an invitation to reflect on the issues of love and its consequences, is an investigation of all its effects in this new world where the biggest drug is “love”. Mankind left love and the existence of God, to live an immoral desire of love.
‘Plastic’ reveals a nonexistent, and, at the same time, a near future, in other words, the future we desire no longer exists!
From a point of view of melancholia and a certain dramatic reality.
The issue of dialectical reason and its antagonistic issues of love. A duality of love and hatred, desire and failure, a fine line is built between reason and madness.
Building a reality through a psychological and mental emptying, the duality as a game, revealing that invisibility dance of a nomadic, however prisoner, body.
The future no longer existed! The only way out will be mental suicide. We have reached the age of exhaustion, naked bodies represent the visceral line that shaped us as recyclable objects, namely, the colorblind mirror that engulfed our identity.
We’ve reached our own limits, love abandoned us, passions brought wars, where we become prisoners of our destinations, where a kiss represents our cloisters. Future does not exists, we need to keep us awake: Remedies! Pills! Poisons! Drugs !! Artificial unintelligence as an utopian mask.
Good luck in this new world.
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