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Brooklyn beauty vlogger on a mission

Interview by William Mydell

7H: When did you find a love for doing makeup?
KH: I found a love for makeup when I was first allowed to wear it, around age 15/16. I went to the drugstore, picked up a few products and wore very minimal makeup every now and then. At the age of 18/19 I discovered youtube tutorials and
re-discovered a bigger passion for makeup. It was surprising considering none of my family members like makeup, but I was always into the arts and this fit perfectly!
7H: How competitive is the beauty industry?
KH: It’s become super competitive, it
really seems as if everyone is into the beauty industry in some way, shape or form. I feel like you really have to do something unique to stand out in this industry.

7H: From a complement stand point, what do you get complimented more on? Your beautiful face, or on your small waist and full figure?
KH: It depends on the media. On youtube, I get more compliments on my makeup whereas on Instagram I get more compliments on my figure. It just depends on what I am putting out also, if I post a fashion picture, I will get
compliments more on my figure and some makeup/face. If it’s a makeup picture, I get more compliments on my makeup/face.
7H: What do you love vlogging about the most…fashion, or beauty?
KH: I really love both! When I was
younger I always wanted to be a model, but I knew the industry has a specific look, so I didn’t necessarily pursue it. Social media gives me this leverage, so I don’t have to go a lifetime not doing something I really want to do even if it’s in a different way. I LOVE putting on different outfits, and posing, expressing how it makes me feel. As far as beauty, my makeup then becomes my outfit and it makes me feel differently with every look. It’s really so much fun!
7H: What about editorial photo-shoots…Do you freelance or trade for photos with any local fashion or beauty photographers? Or do you mostly focus on your brand?
KH: I mostly focus on my brand, however as of lately I have been branching out and working with different photographers. I love the outcome of different perspectives and seeing what I can
accomplish with someone else’s touch.

7H: How does it make you feel when you have warn support from your fans?
KH: I feel super happy, surprised, grateful, humble when my supporters show love. Being a social media influencer is such a new concept, so I didn’t get lots of support from closer friends/family, so seeing support from total strangers is super humbling!
7H: Do you film and edit your own videos or do you have help?
KH: It’s a collaborative effort with my boyfriend. We started this journey together, so it is interchangeable as far as filming and editing.
7H: Thanks for the quick interview Kendra. Hopefully we will see some of your beauty work in one of our future issues.


Photographer/Retoucher: Anabella Veress
Makeup/Model/Hair/Styling: Kendra Hernandez

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