Quick Picks: Extra 40% off Bonobos Final Sale Items

Allow me, if you will, to channel Richard Dawson.

Survey SAYS

A lot of you still care about Bonobos. As long as the price is right. Only 10% said the Walmart buy turned you off, totally, to the brand. More people like turtles! Well, more people chose to profess their like for turtles in the survey. I’m sure everyone likes turtles. Who doesn’t like turtles? Who are you, Krang?


Now, if I was truly channeling Richard Dawson, I’d be trying to kiss every female in sight. But being that Bonobos is running an extra 40% off sale items, we’ll save the saliva swapping for later. An extra 40% off is pretty rare. Might be enough to convince the 43% who said Bonobos is just flat out too expensive to actually browse the sale section this time. Careful though, everything appears to be final sale. No returns here. I think.


Bonobos Short Sleeved SLIM Cotton Henley

More masculine than a t-shirt, and not as stuffy as a polo. The short sleeved henley doesn’t get nearly enough respect. Plus, these come in a true slim fit. It’s never too late to get working on your Ryan Gosling in “Drive” Halloween costume. Also available in linen, albeit in limited size/color combinations, and for $41.


Bonobos The Jetsetter Unconstructed Blazer

A steal at this price. Huge, huge fan of Bonobos and their unconstructed sportcoats. This is from their Jetsetter collection, so there’s 2% elastane in there for stretch. That icy, light blue would look great up against white or pale grey chinos in the heat, and then just as good with dark denim in the fall. Non functioning sleeve buttons make for easy tailoring.


Bonobos Jetsetter Wool Pant

Stretch (2%) wool pants in the famous Bonobos fit, now for about the price of a pair of Lands’ End year rounders. Select colors on sale. Sizes are a bit scattered, but not totally decimated.


Bonobos Daily Grind Limited Edition Dot Shirt

An easy way to mix it up. A bit risky/style-forward if you wear it with a suit and tie, but still not too wild. Less risky if you’re going tieless with a sportcoat and jeans or trousers.


Bonobos The Capstone Italian Wool Blazer

From their high end “capstone” collection. Only available in their slim fits, and it’s a true slim. Also, if you’re taller, you might find their slim sportcoats and blazers chopped in the tail. Wool/Linen blend, peak lapels, and what appears to be a minimally lined, if not totally unlined, back.


Bonobos Washed Chinos

Select colors of their flagship pant are on sale, and thus, dropping into affordable territory… but most colors have had their size selection picked over pretty badly. Not these though. How a nice, mid to light grey pair of washed Bonobos chinos still have tons of sizes and fits left? That’s beyond me how these slipped through the cracks. Grey pants are super versatile, and can pull tons of duty during the warmer months. A great starter pair if you’re Bonobos curious.


Bonobos The Jetsetter Italian Knit Blazer

Italian cotton, and knit. So think almost like a sweat-shirt-y/sweater/sportcoat hybrid. Much more casual, but sportcoat addicts might like having one of these on hand. And the price sure is right.


Bonobos Cotton Linen Shawl Cardigan

A textured, extra layer that can be worn year round, complete with the unmistakable feel of added linen to the mix.


Bonobos The Banzai E-Waist Trunk

Prints are big this year. And even if you’re not gonna wear prints to the office, or out on a date, why not the beach or pool? That’s one of the few places those of us who don’t gravitate towards flashy looks seem to take a little more risks/have some fun. Mesh liner for these.


Bonobos The Foundation Italian Wool Blazer

Maybe it’s the slim lapels, or some other proportion magic, but I’ve never thought this grey sportcoat looked like an orphaned suit jacket. The shoulders are soft, the silhouette is trim… just doesn’t look like a suit jacket to me (full disclosure, I’ve own and worn one of these with jeans for a few years now). Available in slim or standard. Wool is nice. Not super luxurious, but not papery or scratchy either. Nice.

The extra 40% off Bonobos sale items code DOGDAYS expires Thursday 7/27. As always, picks above were limited to those with at least a decent size range at post time. But, use the filters at the top of the sale page, and you might be able to find a your sized needle in their extensive sale section haystack.

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