Above the Influence by Pesy Sikyala

Above The Influence: by Pesy Sikyala

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Director: Mariusz Brozek, www.mariuszbrozek.com

Country: USA

Production company: Bubblegum Films (@bubblegum_films), www.bubblegum-films.com

Talent: Pesy Sikyala (@pesitherese)


Fashion model Pesy Sikyala moved to New York City from Congo, where she pursues her career in fashion.

She tells us what home really means to her and what emotions are connected to it.

Pesy shares her observations and combined experience from Africa and USA about life. And how each giraffe is unique and different from each other.

The spotted dress she wears on top of the Hudson Yards building in New York City is a visualization of dependencies in the animal kingdom and life.

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