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Time starts now- tick tick one, tick tick two… The hourglass has turned over and the sand particles have begun to flow. Would you want to numb all your senses or just strengthen them to feel everything at once? An epidemic playing with your minds, a mysterious virus spreading despair and fits of snivel. Either people smoke unfiltered cigarettes or chain smokers have become passive. The world has two extremes now, oblivious to the calamity or aware of the uproar. Yawns scare the nights and snores panic daytime- are you feeling the agony? It would first show in terms of apparel. What would you choose to wear? Over accessorize yourself? Stay naked and absorb the mad rush? Buy your dreams in the most expensive forms?
Or may be bury it all.
Everyone would be hungrier and even more desperate. They knew it was going to be the end of the world, like a bell-peal of chemicals ringing through your brain. No pain, no suffering, no regret, no missed opportunity, no grief, no burial nor any cremations. Heaps of dead animals with or without intellect resulting the loss of mankind. Because it was the wish of some, the relief of many and the end of all.
It was like man made cancer.

Creative Designer for the garment, shoes and accessory – Suvarna Goliya
Mentor – Sonam Parvani
Model – Shivika Jain
Photography – Vinay Kumar
Hair – Vikas Chhugani
Makeup – Mrunal Vijay Chauhan

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