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We’re All Mad Here is a fashion interpretation of Alice
in Wonderland story, which 150 years long challenges
our human identity. Now, when a little mad becomes a
new normal, common things sometimes lose anticipated
relevance. One’s self- authentification is vulnerable as
never, and every day you have to step out of given cliche
and create your own reality you believe in.This is our
feedback to social and political metamorphoses, and an
attempt to measure the gap between existence and
lasting performance.

Fashion Editorial by Natalia Maramzina & Stasya Raduga

Art direction: Natalia Maramzina – @bjaksa_photography
Photography: Natalia Maramzina – @bjaksa_photography
Photography: Stasya Raduga – @radugaanastasia
Muah: Liliya Khristoforova – @red_rum_mua, Anna Lisitsyna  – @annabeautyfox
Style: Kristina Nosova @forget_me___not

Models: Amalia Apykhtina – @aaamalyaaa as Alice

Ulia Abdel Fattah – @ulia_abdel_fattah as the Queen of Hearts
Roman Quar: @roma_quar as the Mad Hatter
Aim Isengalieva – @aim_isen @modus_vivendis as the White Rabbit
Polina Maryanovskaya – @_maryanovskaya_ as the Caterpillar
Gleb Birin @glebbd as Humpty Dumpty

Location: CHRONOSFACTOR @chronosfactor

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