About Us

7Hues Magazine is a quickly growing upcoming publication that seeks to provide diverse content through print and digital presentation with a variety of different topic areas based around fashion, beauty, hair and art.

We work to provide a  welcoming platform where all creatives can come together to create a healthy dialogue about today’s creativity as well as be able to view what’s hot and what’s new in today’s society. In each issue we showcase new talent to the creative industry with contributions on a global scale.

Our readers are the innovators in a community of creativity and imagination, the originators in their choice of personal apparel, exuding high levels of confidence and passion in their artistic
surroundings. They are well-informed, technically literate and educated, well-groomed creatives, who are supporters of a global community and enjoy a prestigious lifestyle. We are the future of today’s platform for creative minds!

– Editor and Chief: William Mydell

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