Fashion Themes 2016

FASHION: In order to be considered, all editorials require 6-­8 photos, with minimal repeats.


All submissions must be sent before the stated deadline of an issue. If a submission is being accepted and the final pieces are not sent before the deadline, that submission will not be published in the issue for which it was accepted. The deadline for each issue is the 20th of the month, if for any reason the deadline is changed, it will be posted on our Facebook page and website.

Webitorial Submissions

Submissions for Webitorial stories are always open, so keep them sending them! 7Hues Webitorials will run twice a week, with pending selections from our Editor­in­Chief. There are no deadlines and no themes for our Webitorials, so submit whenever you’d like! If we decided we want to publish the webitorial we will contact you with further details.

The Hue Issue
Ad Space Close: Deadlines February 15th
Submissions: Deadlines February 20th

Ad Space Close: Deadlines March 15th
Submissions: Deadlines March 20th

4ever Young
Ad Space Close: Deadlines April 15th
Submissions: Deadlines April 20th

Hommes Issue
Ad Space Close: Deadlines May 15th
Submissions: Deadlines May 20th

The Fitness Issue
Ad Space Close: Deadlines June 15th
Submissions: Deadlines June 20th

The Swimsuit Issue
Ad Space Close: Deadlines July 15th
Submissions: Deadlines July 20th

Ad Space Close: Deadlines August 15th
Submissions: Deadlines August 20th

Goth Glam
Ad Space Close: Deadlines September 15th
Submissions: Deadlines September 20th

The Fall Issue
Ad Space Close: Deadlines October 15th
Submissions: Deadlines October 20th

Ad Space Close: Deadlines November 15th
Submissions: Deadlines November 20th