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I want my work featured and included on your Instagram Stories, what are the steps?

1: Submit your images to us through email. ( )

3. In the Subject Title of the email include which publication you want your imagery to be featured in. (ex: Mode, Beauty, Hair, Hommes, etc.)

4. You’re images will be reviewed, and a decision will be made on if it will be accepted for sharing inside of our stories.

5. If accepted, you will receive a link in a return message directing you to a page for checkout along with the choice of images we’ve decided to featured based on our magazine’s esthetic.

6. Once you complete checkout submit the image(s) we’ve selected in a following email.

7. Make sure it meets the submission requirements stated below.

Story Mockup Example


  • Instagram story dimensions: 1080px wide by 1920 px in height
  • This is a 9:16 ratio
  • 720px wide by 1280px in height will give you an HD photo or video with a slightly faster upload time
  • 450px wide by 800px in height (or smaller) will give you a faster upload time with a lower post quality
find fun Spring fashions