7Hues 06: Joesphine Tutman

7Hues 06: Swimsuit
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  • COVER: Joesphine Tutman
July 2016
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“Au Soleil”

Fitness is something I do not take lightly. We now live in a world where
unknown chemicals are being pumped, injected, or infused into our foods;
and a great way to stay healthy and stay in shape is to watch what you eat
and workout every week.

Body fitness is often taken lightly due to the huge amount of laziness in
this generation. With so many distractions like social media and television
people always find an excuse not to go workout. We here at 7Hues mag
support fitness. Not only do we promote living healthy and exercising we
also encourage the fashion trends behind it. Nothing says I’m here to workout
more than a bright neon colored sweat band with tube socks on right.
We wanted to cover a few fashion brands in this issue but time did not
permit. But we were able to land an awesome interview with a Texas native
who is a sports/fitness photographer who shoots full time in Houston. She’s
a great creative with an awesome eye for composition. In our next fitness
issue, whenever it comes around, we plan to land more interviews, not with
just photographers, but with actual athletes or fitness enthusiast.

Our next issue will be dedicated for swim-wear. Tell a fellow photographer
or swim-wear model and let them know we are taking submissions for our
Swimsuit Issue which will be released in August. Thanks