7Hues 07: Jaquemijn De Man

7Hues 07: Swimsuit
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  • COVER: Jaquemijn De Man
August 2016
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US LETTER 8.25″ x 10.75″ – Saddle Stitched – 104 pages
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“Under the Sun”

Fall is only a few weeks away and summer will be over. What better way
to end the summer, by launching a swimsuit issue displaying some of the
hottest swim-wear and models. Even though nowadays summer feels like it
doesn’t end until the end of the year.

This month’s cover model is a familiar face. This Netherlands beauty graced
our cover for our 3rd issue, “Efflorescence”. The photographer is from
Belgium, and he shot a very stunning editorial which compliments our style
here at 7Hues Magazine. We also have some awesome fashion and artistic
features in this month issue which are also from international contributors.
One from Africa, and the other all the way from France. Just the diversity we
seek to provide here at our magazine.

In other news we found a partner that will be sponsoring our hair edition,
Inflúance Hair Care, and we are currently in discussion of where we will be
distributing our prints as we slowly transition out of using Magcloud.com to
print our issue and we start distributing thousands of copies nationwide. So
look forward to the changes being made and we will most definitely keep
you updated as we move forward.

Our next issue will be themed around “Wonderland”. Tell a fellow photographer
or creative model and let them know we are taking submissions for our
Wonderland Issue which will be released in September. Thanks.