7Hues 08: Valeria & Irina

7Hues 08: Wonderland Vol 2.
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Valeria & Irina
Septemebr 2016
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US LETTER 8.25″ x 10.75″ – Saddle Stitched – 72 pages
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“Blossom in the City”

This month’s issue was themed around Wonderland. Leading into the fall/
winter I wanted to host a theme based around wonder and fantasy. To me,
the fall puts you in the mindset of playing dress-up with Halloween right
around the corner, it also puts you in the mind of family and dreams and
wonder with Thanksgiving and Christmas following right after. Fashion week
is also around this time so there will be alot of new fashion trends being
presented. What better theme to present around this time than one that
puts you in a whimsical mind state.

In other news we found a partner that will be sponsoring our hair edition,
Inflúance Hair Care, and we are currently in discussion of where we will be
distributing our prints as we slowly transition out of using Magcloud.com to
print our issue and we start distributing thousands of copies nationwide. So
look forward to the changes being made and we will most definitely keep
you updated as we move forward.

Our next issue will be themed around “Goth Glam”. Tell a fellow photographer
or creative model and let them know we are taking submissions for our
Goth Glam Issue which will be released in October. Thanks.