7Hues 11: Bethan Shenton

7Hues 10: Cinemascope Vol.2
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  • COVER: 
Bethan Shenton
  • ONLINE / PRINT RELEASE December 2016
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US LETTER 8.25″ x 10.75″ – Perfect-bound – 98 pages
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“Red, Gold & Green”

This month’s issue theme was CINEMASCOPE, a concept themed around
cinema and film. We wanted to present a Hollywood cinematic look in this
issue that would pay homage to the era of photography in film created in
the 50’s and 60’s. We here at 7Hues love to showcase not only fashion and
beauty but also the artistic styles presented in film and conceptual images.

Our partner, Inflúance Hair Care, and us are currently in discussion of where
we will be distributing our prints as we slowly transition out of using
Magcloud.com to print our issue and we start distributing thousands of
copies nationwide. So look forward to the changes being made and we will
most definitely keep you updated as we move forward.
Our next issue will be themed “The Future Is Here”. Tell a fellow
photographer or creative model and let them know we are taking
submissions for our Fall Fashion Issue which will be released in November.