7Hues 14: Marijana Mosic and Wiktoria Babiarz

7Hues 14: 1Yr Anniversary Vol.1
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  • COVER: 
Marijana Mosic & Wiktoria Babiarz
  • ONLINE / PRINT RELEASE February 2017
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US LETTER 8.25″ x 10.75″ – Perfect-bound – 92 pages
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“bon Anniversaire


Greetings creatives and fans of beauty and fashion. Well, a lot of people did not think we would last this long…But we did. We are excited and overwhelmed by the love and support that we receive from creatives all around the world. By far, we receive more contributions and communication with international artist. Which is why we are so excited for our first year. As an upcoming beauty, fashion and arts publication, we were able to showcase an abundance of amazing talent that stemmed from multiple countries. We strive to press the envelope, and continue to re-invent, re-create, and re-cross, over the threshold of impossibility, into a land of wonderful creativity.
Our next issue will be our Spring Theme and we are extremely excited to show you what’s inside.  Tell a fellow
photographer or creative model and let them know we are reviewing editorial submissions for our next Issue which will be released in March. Thank You.