Javan Whitaker – 7Hues Man Feature

Mr. Whitaker ! How are you?

I’m doing so great honestly.

It’s a pleasure to have you featured as our “7Hues Hommes Man” in our latest 7Hues Hommes Issue. How does it feel?

No the pleasure’s all mine! I am completely honored to be featured on such an amazing Issue!

So, Javan! Tell us a bit about yourself; Who is Javan Whitaker?

Well, Javan Whitaker is a aspiring model and actor that has done quite a few jobs, but who is always looking for more opportunities. He’s also an artist on many levels. From painting, designing, drawing portraits both digital and canvas, etc. I also love to work out and I’m transitioning into a vegan. Lol

Let’s get into your background a bit; Where are you from? What’s your nationality?

I am originally from New Orleans, La. As far as i know I’m a African American, but knowing the history of the city of Music, Great food, and Voodoo there’s bound to be something else attached to my nationality.

At what age did you know that modeling was what you wanted to do?

I had a rather photogenic mother who always made me take her pictures lol I think I got my love for being behind the camera from her but I’d say I knew i wanted to be a model/ actor when I was about 14 years of age, but after my father passed is when i pushed for it. He always told me to go after whatever I wanted and that’s what I did.

Was being a model your first and only love?

My VERY first love is art! I grew up drawing from the tender age of three and always wanted to someday create my own comic book series but as I got older I found a new love and that was Acting/ Modeling.

What would you say your market is as a model?

This is almost a difficult question only because I can see myself in so many venues. I would say my market is high fashion, urban wear, fitness, really anything lol. I feel like it’s my job to make whatever it is look good.

What are your goals as a model? Where do you want to see yourself 7 years from now?

My goals as a model is to become a high paid model, well known so that I might be able to make a greater difference in the world honestly. I feel like no one pays attention to you if you’re the “local model” so in those seven years I hope to have a name that’s etched in the earth because of my love and ambition to be more in the acting/fashion world, my drive to be and do more, and my want to make other’s lives better.

Let’s talk fashion! Tell us about your style. What would you say is your favorite garment to wear?

My favorite garment? My favorite would have to be this candy red hoodie that I wear just about EVERYWHERE Lol. It’s my go to Item when I’m being lazy and don’t feel like dressing up too much that day.

What completes your look before you walk out the house?

The one thing that completes my different looks everyday before I walk out of the house is my rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The only reason I say “one” thing is because I view them as one item because If I wear one I have to wear them all Lol.

If you had to choose 7 things you couldn’t live without what would they be?

Seven things I couldn’t live without would be my mother and sister, my favorite fruit pineapples, all genres of music, EVERY aspect of ART, fashion/ the way people have their own unique styles, love in general, and last but not least FOOD!

Do you think it is important as a model to always be dressed well and in style? Tell us Why?

I think it is very important to stay well dressed as a model and a everyday person because you NEVER know who you’re going to run into or get into a Uber with. It’s always a plus to look your best even if it’s something simplistic!

Well Mr. Whitaker thank you so much for spending time and chatting with us here at 7Hues Hommes. Before you go why don’t you let our readers know where they can follow you and see more of your work. Thank you again and we wish you all the best.

Photographer: Craig Mulcahy
StylistRebecca Diaz
MUACamille Soublet

Model Page – @Iam.javanwhitaker
Personal Page – @Iam__javanwhitaker
Art Page – @Greedyart__

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