Man of Action – An Interview with Miguel Perdomo

Man of Action

Theo Hanson sits down with model and father Miguel Perdomo and talk life and business.
interview by Theo Hanson

TH ​-​ ​Miguel Perdomo! How are you? I am great thank you for asking its been a long time coming but I am grateful to still be here working.
MP -​ It’s a pleasure to have you featured as our “7 Hues Man” in our latest 7Hues Issue.

TH -​ ​How does it feel?
MP -​ Feels amazing thank you for reaching out to me and also featuring me I am honored.

TH -​ ​So, Miguel! Tell us a bit about yourself; Who is Miguel Perdomo?
MP -​ Miguel Perdomo is a family/ renaissance man coming from Paterson nj born and raised and graduated in the streets as a hustler (not drug dealer) but as a man who can get the job done. A man of action and no talking.

TH -​ ​Let’s get into your background a bit; Where are you from? What’s your nationality?
MP -​ I am Dominican American. My parents 1st generation Dominican and I am second.

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TH -​ ​We see that you are no stranger to the fashion industry having graced the covers and pages of countless magazines and billboards. You are without a doubt a Super Model. Tell us about your accomplishments as a model and entrepreneur; share some of your greatest experiences.
MP -​ It’s been a long haul but God is the greatest, I worked with many fashion brands like Gucci, LV, Polo,Tommy Hilfiger, Akoo, Phat farm, Salvatorre Farragamo, Tom Ford, Y3, and of coarse everyone knows me from Sean John but many more brands and still growing with Target & JCPenney and Kohls.

TH -​ ​Was being a model your first and only love?
MP -​ Nope! I was a boxer before fashion, I was into basketball and also graffiti.

TH -​ ​Being a “Veteran” in the modeling industry. I’m sure there are so many things that have changed since you started your career as a model. How has things changed for models today?
MP -​ Of coarse everything now is all Social Media! It’s funny because back then that was never a thing now that’s all people want to do. Social Media is great and all but people forgot to really interact with folks. If you go out now everyone is a zombie because they are hooked to social media. I myself have cut back on it so that’s maybe why I don’t have a million followers but hey.

TH -​ ​Was being a Black/Latino model ever an issue for you when it came to getting booked? Did it affect your outlook on the industry?
MP -​ It def was back then, nowadays everything is a go. Back then not to sound racist because I’m not but it was a white world which is fine because we learn how to deal with it but now it’s a new day and I am here breaking all door down!

TH -​ ​Do you feel the work that you’ve produced as a model has paved a way and or an opportunity for future male models like yourself?
MP -​ Yes I do believe so and I hope I do all the time. I don’t only do it for myself, I do it for my culture and my ppl. I represent the minority group so of coarse I will do my best to represent my black/Dominican/afro roots. Every Dominican is black in case you wondered!

TH -​ ​Since you have made so many accomplishments over the years as a model. Is there anything else you can see yourself doing in the fashion industry still in the next 7 years?
MP -​ In fashion yes, I would love to break into making my own line because ive seen so much fashion that I know I can make my own lane work.

TH -​ ​We see you also have a love for art as a painter. Tell us about the artist behind “Abstract by MP” . When did you discover him?
MP -​ I have always been in drawing graffiti on walls so that was always in me naturally. I just didn’t tell the world but now I am more open to everything.

TH -​ ​We also know that there has been a recent addition to your life that I’m sure has changed you forever. Tell us bout this new life you now have as a father. How has fatherhood changed your outlook on life?
MP -​ Fatherhood is the greatest gift I ever got in my life it makes me a better man and makes focus more on whats important. Fatherhood keeps you grounded. The best job I ever had/got and I am grateful.

TH -​ ​Let’s talk fashion! Tell us about your style.
MP -​ I am laid back guy, a lot of sweatshirts and sweatpants with a fresh pair of sneakers or boots.

TH -​ ​What would you say is your favorite thing to wear?
MP -​ Sweat-suits for sure I love to be comfortable unless I’m going out on the town I will dress to kill. 007 style.

TH -​ ​What completes your look before you walk out the house?
MP -​ Outerwear! I love outerwear I think that’s the best thing for me.

TH -​ ​If you had to choose 7 items in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without what would those 7 items be?
MP -​ All sweat-suits I am sorry but I am always dressed up in suits for work, red carpets, etc etc so sweats and Jordans any day. Of coarse with my own logo on everything.

TH -​ ​Do you think it is important to always be dressed well and in style? Tell us Why?
MP -​ I think it is when there is a destination or an outing but if not you need to be dressed down relaxed. There’s too much pressure to be the hottest dressed on Instagram etc etc but real fashion heads know real fashion heads! There is no messing around with that. We know the real real fashion heads everyone else just live for IG.

TH -​ ​Well Miguel thank you so much joining us and having a chat with us here at 7Hues Magazine. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure. Please before you go tell our readers where they can follow you and see more of your work as a model and painter.
MP -​ You can follow me on IG @TheRealMP23 and you can view my art work @AbstractbyMP


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