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C Cash! How are you?

I’m doing good I’m in grind mode.

It’s a pleasure to have you featured as our “Music Feature” in our latest 7Hues Hommes Issue. How does it feel?

I feel honored. I appreciate the opportunity.

So, Chris! Tell us a bit about yourself; Who is Christopher Cash?

I would consider myself a entrepreneur, I love music and I also come from a big family.

Let’s get into your background a bit; Where are you from? What’s your nationality?

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but later I moved to Clearwater, FL and I am Puerto Rican.

At what age did you know that rap was what you wanted to do?

I was around the age of 17/18 but age 18 was the first time I recorded.

Was being a rapper your first and only love?

No, basketball was my first love and Allen Iverson inspired me. Also, my second love was owning a club.

What would you call your style of hip hop or rap/Would you consider yourself a hip-hop artist or rapper?

I would call my style of rap authentic. I would consider myself a modern artist because I know the history and I represent the culture.

What are your goals as an artist? Where do you want to see yourself 7 years from now?

My goal as an artist is to be able to be reach platinum status and have a sneaker deal. In 7 years I see myself alive and healthy.

How about you tell us about your latest project and single “Not A Game”, What’s the message behind the song?

It’s a dedication to Puerto Rico. The song is for the under dogs. The guys they count out. Also overcoming obstacles.

Is “Not A Game” your single from your latest album or EP? What should we expect from this new album?

“Not a game” is a single from my next EP. It’s a collaboration with Kevin Michaels. You can expect good energy, vibes and encouraging music.

Let’s talk fashion! Tell us about your style. What would you say is your favorite garment to wear?

My favorite garment to wear would be jackets. I have some jackets that I designed.

What completes your look before you walk out the house?

My hair completes my look before I walk out of the house. I like my hair to look a certain way not too extravagant because trust me I had some wild hair days.

If you had to choose 5 things you couldn’t live without what would they be?

If I had to choose 5 things I couldn’t live without they would be music, family, my girl, Jordan’s, and basketball.

Do you think it is important as an artist to always be dressed well and in style? Tell us Why?

I think it’s important as an artist to always be dressed well because that’s your image, your look you want to look appealing because that is your first impression.

Well Mr. Cash thank you so much spending time and chatting with us here at 7Hues Hommes. Before you go why don’t you let our readers know where they can follow you and listen to “Not A Game”. Thank you again and we wish you all the best.

  • Shout out to RIPSET and bossquality. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @christophercashripset. You can listen to “Not a game” on Spotify @christophercash and also on TIDAL.
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