Straight From The Mecca Of Music – DanteWuzHere Interview

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”STRAIGHT FROM THE MECCA OF MUSIC”]Theo Hanson sits down with up-coming artist DanteWuzHere to talk about music, business, and future plans.
interview by Theo Hanson[/ultimate_heading]

TH – DanteWuzHere! How are you?
DWH – I am exceptionally well, thank you for asking. Blessed.

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TH – It’s a pleasure to have you featured as our “Music Feature” in our latest 7Hues Issue.
DWH – It feels pretty dope. To be asked to appear in a Fashion magazine to feel that love it means alot because I really plan my style by my energy that day or in that moment. Fashion is also a part of who I am and what I am also influenced by.

TH – We are excited to have you featured in our latest issue as our 7Hues Icon. How does it feel?
DWH – It’s a pleasure for me! It’s always delightful to receive a confirmation that one’s activity and projects are going in the right direction. So getting your appreciation makes me even more confident and determined.

TH – So, DanteWuzHere! Tell us a bit about yourself; Who is DanteWuzHere?
DWH – Just a dude from the south who loves music and culture. I appreciate Atlanta so much because when I was a kid it was becoming a music mecca. Alot huge hits and legendary artists came out of atl. But anything remotely related to music and culture whether it be art, dance or fashion moves me.

TH – Let’s get into your background a bit; Where are you from? What’s your nationality?
DWH – I am originally from Florida my parents backgrounds on my mom side is black with native american root. My dad’s side of the family is afro latino.

TH – We see that you are no stranger to music or the music industry starting at a very young age, working with and writing for some of the biggest names who we all know and love. You’ve worked with and on projects for artist like Kelly Rowland, Lil Mo, Karina Pasian, Mya, Lyric, Blaque and Debra Killings just to name a few. You’ve also worked with major producers like Bryan Michael Cox who we know produced mega hits for UsherMariah Carey, and Jagged Edge, to others like Organized Noise who produced hits for artist like OutKast, En Vogue and TLC and these are just a few. Tell us about your accomplishments as a singer and songwriter; share some of your greatest experiences.
DWH – So far my greatest experience has been the in studio experiences with these stars that I look up to and admire. I will say the highlights I automatically go to is the time I got to work with Narada Michael Walden who to me is a musical LEGEND. Here I am in the studio with a man who has written and produced for legends from Whitney Houston to Aretha Franklin. Here I am working with this legend afraid to tell him this part in the beautiful ballad he wrote that there was a part I didn’t like. He pulled me to the side and gave me this pep talk assuring me that I was there because I was valued and to give my input so
we can make a great record. It was an amazing experience. And the next most amazing experience would be contributing to a Grammy nominated album.

TH – Tell us about your last album “Electric Mayhem” that you toured with in Japan.
DWH – Electric Mayhem, all I can say is that the process of recording this album and my entire experience in Japan was life changing. The way of life, the culture, the food. I fell in love with the place. But the music we did was punk rock driven, something i had never done before. I wanted to give them what they wanted but also incorporate my style into it as well. A little bit of R&B/Soul, a little Hip Hop and some funk. I think we meshed those elements together very well. The touring and spot dates were fun as well and connecting with the people. I remember our first week of rehearsals I was hoarse almost instantly trying to keep up with the loudness of the guitars and they belting and screaming I would do. I had the time of my life.

TH – Was being a singer/song writer or performer your first and only love?
DWH – I have to give a strong yes on that. I remember when I was younger I would force my cousins to make these recordings with me of songs I written myself then we would perform them. I would then force my childhood best friends to create these dances with me so it would be me and my best friends having these dance battles with my cousin and her friends. Hilarious! So yes, although I was shy in all other areas music brought out something in me that made me feel special.

TH – As an artist; what would you call your style of music?
DWH – I consider my style of music r&b/soul as the foundation with a mix of funk, rock and hip hop. An eclectic mix of all the sounds and genres I know and love. I say that because my household was full
of music. My grandparents would play gospel and blues, my mom and her sisters would play r&b and soul from Teena Marie, Rick James to Prince, Michael and stuff like En Vogue and Sade. My dad would play a lot of different things from Phil Collins to Earth Wind and Fire. He would always have the aoft rock stations playing in the car. One of my Aunts is the reason I love Prince to this day!

TH – What are your goals as an artist? Where do you want to see yourself 7 years from now?
DWH – In 7 years I see myself still here, cultivating a successful career and using my platform for philanthropic reasons. I’d also like to start a movement/charity to shine light on mental health and depression in the inner city. Something that’s never really focused on or discussed.

TH – How about you tell us about your latest project you’re cooking up, and the first single?
DWH – I’m currently in the pre-production for my new album entitled Paradiso. The inspiration is from Dante Alighieri’s Paradiso which is based on Dante’s ascending into heaven. The first single is called Heaven Help Us.

TH – What’s the message behind the song?
DWHHeaven Help Us is my message to the world. The way I view the world and it’s present state. Racism, school systems being neglected, systematic issues you name it. It’s not meant to be a political statement but more of my way of airing my frustrations with what I see happening and expressing my empathy and the fight.

TH – Is “Heaven Help Us” your single from your latest album or EP? What should we expect from this new album?
DWH – Heaven Help Us is my first single. We are in the early stages of the production but I plan to loosely follow some of Dante’s ascending in to the layers of heaven. Examples would be Love, Hope, Courage you know? I just want something that feels good in concept and musicality.

TH – Let’s talk fashion! Tell us about your style.
DWH – I often joke and tell people my style is “the ‘hood’s rockstar” you know like a little bit of Lenny Kravitz, a little of street wear with hint of Playboy and eccentricity thrown in there.

TH – What would you say is your favorite thing to wear?
DWH – Sunglasses! I love a dope pair of shades to accent my wardrobe. I’m also huge into some fly kicks.

TH – What completes your look before you walk out the house?
DWH – The right accessories. The right bracelets, watch, necklace or rings can really make an already great look pop even more.

TH – If you had to choose 7 items in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without what would those 7 items be?
DWH – This one necklace that I ALWAYS wear because of the sentimental value. A cool pair of shades, a dope sneaker, comfortable pair of jeans, studs, my favorite cologne and depending on where I’m headed to say the gym or studio I like to carry a nice backpack.

TH – Do you think it is important as an artist to always be dressed well and in style? Tell us Why?
DWH – Absolutely! Your style is your statement, it is your stamp, your individuality. It makes you the artist you actually are and can make you stand apart. For me it makes me feel that much more confident. Your image is what drives curiosity and influence. You know, make people want to engage with you whether it be fans, publications or fashion brands.

TH – Well DanteWuzHere thank you so much spending time and chatting with us here at 7Hues Magazine. Before you go why don’t you let our readers know where they can follow you and listen to your music.
DWH – Thank you 7Hues for having me. It has been a pleasure. To all the readers you can follow me on IG and Twitter @DanteWuzHere and you can find my music on my website at

Photographer: Diego Ramos – IG: @diegoramosg
Artist: DanteWuzHere – IG: @dantewuzhere
Label: White Kid Records – IG: @whitekidrec
Stylist: Theo Hanson – IG: @stylebytheohanson

Jacket: @santamonroenyc


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