The 10 Best-Kept Indian Secrets For Long Hair, According to YouTubers

Some of the best-kept Indian secrets for long hair make good use of natural ingredients and traditional practices that are known to promote hair growth, make hair feel and look thicker and glossier, and even prevent gray hairs from popping up. This is all according to the many fantastic Indian beauty vloggers, whose tutorials we’ve provided so that you can benefit from their knowledge and family secrets.

Whether you already have long hair or are trying to grow yours out, there’s an Indian hair secret out there that’s perfect for you. These YouTube tutorials will lead the way and let you in on the most trusted essential oils, Ayurvedic herbs, and cleansing and coloring techniques that Indian beauty gurus rely on to get the healthiest, strongest, and longest hair possible.

Fed up or anxious about hair shedding? Desi vlogger InsideBeautyNo1 explains how to combine neem oil, grinded fenugreek seeds, and mustard-seed oil to create a hair oil treatment designed to stimulate hair follicles. Yearning for the “amazing long and strong hair” that Indian vlogger Himani Wright says she associates with Indian women? Follow her secret no-poo cleansing recipe, which contains organic Amla, aka Indian gooseberries used throughout the South Asian country, for DIY stronger-hair treatments.

Sure, genetics and good nutrition will always play crucial roles in our hair type and health, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow a few good, trusted-and-tried beauty tips to make the most of what we’ve got. Ready to take your hair to the next level? Let’s do this.

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