10 Epic Summer Beauty Fails and Exactly How to Fix ‘Em

If your hair has any semblance of curls, waves, bends, or natural texture, then you know all too well the misery of humidity. You can try to fight it with every strong-hold styler known to man, but at the end of the day, your hair is going to revert back to its au naturel state. Likely, it will have the added bonus of frizz galore and puffiness that erases any type of style you might have had at the start of the day.

Generally speaking, humidity is moisture in the air. While moisture is usually great for your hair, Pantene celebrity stylist Danilo explained why this is not a good thing. What humidity winds up doing is essentially rewetting your hair, reverting it back to its organic state. This is why your curly hair emerges when you walk outside, even after you’ve spent half an hour using a flatiron on it.

“Hair loves moisture and it has a hard time getting it and keeping it,” he noted. But as moisture moves in and out of the hair, that motion is what causes frizz to crop up. According to Danilo, the best way to fight that pesky moisture is with . . . more moisture?

“What I’ve found is that by moisturizing your hair, it balances it out it out because there is no moisture movement [from the air to your hair and vice versa],” he said.

He suggested prepping wet hair with a deep conditioner before styling. He likes Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Smooth & Sleek Deep Conditioner ($4). “It’s important to have moisture in your hair to deal with moisture in the environment,” he said.

In addition to taming frizz and defending against humidity, using an intensive conditioner to style your hair is also a sneaky way to treat any damage and keep your strands strong, healthy, and hydrated.

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