10 Men’s Summer Style Mistakes

Less clothes, more mistakes? That’s quite possibly the case when it comes to us fellas and dressing for the hotter months. Look, there are always exceptions. We’ve all been there with at least a few of these. But here’s ten pitfalls of summer style to avoid between now and Labor Day.


Sunglasses That Don’t Match The Moment

Sunglasses are like watches (or frankly, any other kind of accessory). They’ll look woefully out of place if they don’t “match” the rest of what you’re wearing. And I don’t mean color. I mean style and/or level of formality. Sporty, chunky shades don’t look right with black tie (as shown above) or other dressed up wear. So when you’re dressed up, leave the sport shades at home.


Shirtless When You Shouldn’t Be

Beach or pool? Sure. Taking a stroll downtown, hitting a friends BBQ, or heading to the mailbox? Keep your shirt on. Same goes for jogging/running in highly populated areas.


It’s hot, stuffy, and generally a rough season on the senses. Overwhelming those around you with whatever chosen scent you’ve decided to hit them with seems a little cruel. Sure, I can hear the cologne fans screaming now “but you’re doing it wrong if people can smell you” … then what’s the point if they can’t? It’s a fine line to walk as is (you risk going nose deaf), so in the summer? Try to leave it on the shelf.


Cargo Shorts Weighed Down With 97 lbs of E.D.C.

It’s kinda hard to believe that the former first lady let him leave the house like that. Anyway, seems like #44 has recently made some serious strides in his down time attire (yet still holding true to himself, check out the white undershirt). But as the cargos on the course shots show, cargos are tough to pull off. Especially when they’re weighed down with… what exactly? Can’t be his phone. We… sadly know where that is.


F*cked up Feet w/ Sandals

Pulling off sandals, stylishly, can be a difficult task, but if your feet look  like they’ve been through a fungus encrusted meat grinder, then it’s darn near impossible. Stick to classic sneakers if your feet are less than easy on the eyes.


Tank Tops

Again, there’s gonna be exceptions, but it’s just difficult for most of us to look good in a tank top outside of the gym. If you’re jacked, then you look like you’re showing off. If you’re less than muscular, tanks can make you look unfairly wimpy. They’re also about as casual as it gets, due to their lack of… um… cloth and structure. If you want something super casual but still classic? Try a short sleeved henley.


Stank/Body Odor

Stay clean, eat clean, drink water. Wear the right fabrics, avoid caffeine, and take cool or cold showers. And make sure you’re actually getting your clothes clean when you’re doing laundry.


Slouchy Knit Hats

It’s summer. Unless you’ve got dreads and you’re always in a hat to keep them in line, then… what’s the point of these things? Favored by teen pop stars and the dude wearing black skinny jeans and smoking on a 106 degree day. They honestly call an enormous amount of attention to the wearer. Like a guy walking around outside in the middle of winter wearing shorts and flip flops.


Big Fella Beach Body Shyness

Take a cue from Ham in The Sandlot, and own it. If you’re not in the best of shape, yet you’re headed to the beach with some good friends, walking around (or heading into the water) with a shirt on, due to embarrassment, only makes everyone else feel embarrassed for you. So now everyone is embarrassed. Own it.


You’re much better off in bulky cargo shorts, a tank top, and sandals.

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