Amazon Prime Day 2017 Picks for Men – 30% off select styles

NOTE: No code needed for these deals. but you do have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the deal. Also know that depending on how fast an item is selling, or, if it sells out, Amazon’s robots can often raise or lower the price by a bit. So if something isn’t quite on point price-wise, that might be why.

Amazon’s Prime service has been a game changer for a lot of us. At $99 for a one-year subscription (when paid for an annual), it’s not cheap. But it can help eliminate any sort of annoying, little shopping-related “errands” that you may have. It’s crazy convenient. Here’s what you get with your membership:

  • Free two-day shipping & reduced cost overnight shipping. (This is why most people sign up for Prime.) Returns are free too.
  • Prime Music streaming service.
  • Prime streaming video – kinda like Netflix, freebie titles can be a bit limited.
  • Their Kindle lending library – read one book per month in the lending library for free.
  • And more and more (they’re adding lots of other features.)

Free, two day shipping from Amazon is huge. It has drastically reduced the amount of trips many of us used to make to big box stores (say, for, protein powder, or post-it notes, or AA batteries, or running shoes, or an adjustable monitor arm or… you get the idea.) And while Amazon still struggles a bit in the style department (for now?) they do carry plenty of watches, shoes, and other basic clothes/accessories guys with a good sense of style may take a shine to. And for “Prime Day,” there are some eye catching discounts. Picks are below (sidenote, there’s 50,000+ items just in the Amazon style section for men, so, this is basically me for the next 24 hours.) And remember, you need to have a Prime membership to get the discount.


Invicta Pro Automatic |

Already inexpensive, but now? Cheaper. Secret Agent looks on a cubical worker’s budget. Good feel and solid, 200m water resistance too. Nice stainless steel band and case. Automatic movement. Exhibition case back. 40mm case dial. Also looks great on a rubber/silicone or leather strap. High end Swiss watch makers? They should subsidize Invicta’s production of this particular watch. This son-of-a-gun is a dangerous gateway drug if there ever was one.


What’s the difference between this and the automatic above? Still has a 40mm case diameter. Still has those diver looks. Still has a Japanese automatic movement and 200m of water resistance. It’s the bezel. That’s what’s different. This one doesn’t have the more aggressive coin edge bezel. It’s more subtle.


Levi's 511 Slim, 514 Straight, 541 Athletic

Mid thirties for a pair of Levi’s, shipped fast and free from Amazon, is a mighty fine bit of commerce. Wash color is up to you, but it’s hard to go wrong with the classic, dark, “tumbled rigid” (shown in the middle) or “the rich” (shown at right).


One of the better reviewed watches on the market. Full review here in case you want to know our take. Lots of looks, lots of function (even if it takes a little to figure it out) and powered by light. Seems to hover in the mid $200s these days. So $160? That’s rare. Like, right after this was posted, it shot back up to $225.


Florsheim Sabato Double Monk Strap

Budget double monks that don’t look like crap. Many a man has purchased and worn to death a pair of Florsheims in his lifetime. To the average fella walking down the street, they’re decent quality. To those who spend more time than average on their style, they’re dependable. Not amazing. But Florsheim has been around for a while for a reason. Leather isn’t amazing, but the shape certainly works and they should hold up well enough. Fit seems true. A 10.5 fit my feet like most 10.5 D shoes do. Made the annual list of best dress shoes under $200.


Under $100 for a hand winding, hackable, domed crystal classic? We live in amazing times. Maddening, yes, but amazing none the less.


This is Amazon’s house label dress shirt (the brand is “buttoned down… whether there’s a buttoned down collar, which there is not here, is another story.) Is it worth twenty seven dollars? Sure. Is it worth $40? That’s another question. Answers here.


These are the chukkas you’re looking for. Especially if you’re the rugged type who’s tired of the made over seas stuff and want something to wear when you’re not splitting wood (or, when you’re splitting wood and then heading into town for a day of shopping with the significant other.) Full disclosure… I have no idea what the previous description meant. Basically, they ain’t desert boots, but something more. And USA made. But less clunky thank a traditional, heritage work boot. So, yeah.


Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

The extremely successful chrono version of the Timex weekender slip-thru series. Also comes with a leather (albeit not the most impressive leather) band on this particular option. Looks like Timex is getting 20% off, and not 30% off? Still, a nice deal for sure.


Timex Weekender Slip-Thru

Speaking of the original weekender… The watch that helped lead a nice resurgence of Timex in terms of stylish popularity. This is the model that makes a louder than average “tick” though. Not all color/strap combos are up for the Prime Day discount.


Kicks for those who aren’t down with dropping huge amounts of cash on the Nike Killshots. Lots of looks, different textures, and different tones.


Haven’t tried these myself yet. Why? Because if it’s a casual button up, one would kinda sorta like a button down dollar. It’s just a million times easier than not having one. Those points are tough to keep in control. That said, $17.50 is damn cheap.


Randolph Intruder Square Sunglasses

Not cheap, but a fine USA made alternative to the Ray-Ban caravan. And black frames don’t get nearly enough love. Chromed out, reflective frames can look like face jewelry. Black is no-nonsense. Also available in 14K gold plated. For now. Just one of those left at post time. Talk about face jewelry. But, if you can rock it


A seriously underrated chrono. Doesn’t have the “flimsy” (no, not whimsy, flimsy) that many a Timex carries with it. Robust. Solid. Looks great with a t-shirt and jeans. Much better than a weekender. Full review here.


These are a friggin’ steal at this price. Full disclosure, I recently paid full price for them (don’t… ask.) And even at full price I was happy. I needed a grey suede chukka (as one does… barf) with good cushioning and a bit of grip to the sole. Ta-da. Here they be. Made in Portugal.


Seiko Solar SNE049 | 10 Worthy Watches Under $100 on

Brilliantly simple, classic design, with a (unfortunately all too rare) blue & black color scheme. 37 mm in diameter, so perfect for the smaller wristed fella, or for someone who just wants a dress watch and not a wrist-clock. Luminous dots above the hour indices help you tell the time in the dark.


Laco 1925 Men's 861688 Automatic

Spendier than they were last year, but, it’s tough to peg the watch market right now. German brand, Japanese automatic, and classic aviation looks. Usually stuck around $300? The other, more complicated looking model drops to $280 once the discount is applied.


Permission to drop down into first person? Thanks. These were, at one point, my most comfortable pair of shoes. And honest to Zeus, I don’t know what the hell happened to them. But boy I put them through their paces on the streets of London, during one two week trip. And they were fantastic. That said, things might have changed. Leather sourcing, insole cushioning, whatever. So, know that.


Seiko Solar SSC569 Chronograph

That is one mighty fine looking throwback. Shades of Hamilton’s Pan Europ. 43.5 mm case (and what a nice shape it is), so not some wilting flower, but not overly bulky and feels great on the wrist.


USA made Classics. What more could you ask for at under $200 in terms of materials and construction.


Timex Expedition Green Band Scout

A classic weekend beater watch. 50m water resistance mean’s it’s not terribly fragile (and if water does end up in the case, hey… it was $27). The green canvas strap should help keep sweat and stink at bay, and frankly… it looks pretty good.


Original Penguin Earl Volley Trunk

Huge fan of this design. Solid colored swims shorts with throw-back piping. Mesh liner inside to keep the pieces and the parts from making a run for it. No diaper-like elastic waist, but instead a cinch-able string waist.


Certainly not as lean and mean as the Allen Edmonds massdrop chukkas, but should be able to pull some serious duty none the less? Suede uppers. Grippy sole.

Amazon’s “Prime” day ends Tuesday, 7/11/17. And the deals aren’t just on clothes of course. Expect this list to probably be updated as the day wears on (there’s a TON of stock to get through… still efforting that). Got a tip on something that’s up for the extra 30% off Prime Day discount? Send those into

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