Can You Wash Your Hair With Micellar Water?

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer
Hair Type: 4c coils

“When I attended the launch event for these micellar cleansers, a few of the other Black beauty editors and writers were admittedly concerned about how the systems would work on our strands. Natural hair needs a lot of moisture. That said, I still tried both. The Redken shampoo guaranteed a squeaky-clean finish… something that I don’t necessarily need every time I co-wash. I think I’ll save it for the end of the month, when my hair is weighed down from all of the curling creams and leave-ins that I use.

“The Devacurl Buildup Buster, on the other hand, is a serum meant to be used before your favorite shampoos and conditioners… meaning you have to get your hair wet. I don’t co-wash or shampoo as often as I need to, so having to make a point to do so was a slight bummer. The serum has a targeted applicator meant to go on your scalp, and then you work it towards your ends. I focused it on the front of my hair, which gets visibly dirty pretty easily.

“Turns out, I was fearful of that squeaky-clean feel for nothing. Buildup Buster made my hair feel really great, but I felt silly replenishing my hair with a heavy mask right after I cleansed. Next time, I’m copying Ariana and using BB between washes.”

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