The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 – Picks for Men

It’s one of the most anticipated sales of the year. Nordstrom doesn’t run many sale events. But when they do, they catch a lot of (deserved) attention. It’s not just their free shipping & free returns on everything policy… it’s what they carry, and what they’re willing to mark down to get your attention. Especially when it comes to their Anniversary Sale.

Unlike the half-yearly sales & seasonal clearances, which see in-season goods get marked down, the Anniversary Sale is mostly a preview of the upcoming season. Lots of fall goods or year-round stuff gets decent price cuts. And that’s a rarity in the retail sale game. It’s very much an I’m-looking-forward-to-wearing-this sale. And now that we’re knee deep in the worst season, stylistically, looking ahead to layers, boots, and blazers can be quite a bit of fun. Everything, as always, ships and returns for free. Prices go back up on August 7th. Here’s one interpretation of the best of the best for us guys:


Allen Edmonds Strand

Kicking off this post with solid proof as to why the Anniversary Sale is always worth paying attention to. Full review here, from earlier in the week, just in case you missed it.


Hart Schaffer Marx USA Made Jetsetter Wool Blazer

“Jetsetter?” Guess Bonobos doesn’t own a trademark on that name? From a heritage, American suit and sportcoat maker. The description says it’s American made, but then the bullet points say it’s imported? Guessing it’s made here in the States. Not sure though. Not sure how to wear a true-blue sportcoat like this? Head here for outfit ideas.


SmartCare Trim Fit White or Blue Herringbone Dress Shirt

Regularly $69.50. When these things go on sale, they’re one of the better dress shirts on the market, bang-for-buck. Subtle herringbone pattern is a nice bit of detail… if anyone happens to notice.


Nordstrom Trim Dress Shirts

And now, minus the herringbone pattern, plus, an extra trim fit option. Lots of colors available for the trim fit. Just blue and white for the extra trim fit.


Wolverine 1000 Mile ‘Adrian’ Cap Toe Boot

Seems like Nordstrom offers up a drool worthy USA Made boot each year. And this year, it’s the same model that they offered up last year. And that’s a good thing (assuming you didn’t get a pair from last year). These’ll see a ton of use once the weather finally cools off. Legendary craftsmanship and good looks. Oh, and that name for the boot. This is obligatory.


Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit Sneaker

The timeless Stan Smith classic, rendered in a textured prime-knit upper. It’s tough to improve on the original, but plenty seem to think these do just that.


Jack Mason Chronos

Jack Mason isn’t quite a heritage watchmaking company. Hardly. But they do make some nice looking time pieces. Quartz of course.


Allen Edmonds Cornwallis in Dark Chili

Yes, the “Dark Chili” color does lean closer to red than brown, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not versatile. Wear it with blue suits. wear it with grey suits. And no, you don’t need to pick up a belt to match them perfectly. Whatever medium or dark brown belt that you already have should do just fine. Huge fan of the Cornwallis design. Full review (of a brown version) can be found here.


Barbour Slim Fit Water Resistant Quilted Jacket

Basic, Barbour, Bombers. Boom.


1901 Barrett Chukka Boots

It’s really, really hard not to love the 1901 Barrett. From one of Nordstrom’s in-house brands. The shoes have a solid construction quality feel to em’, they’re super versatile, and the subtle studded soles will keep you upright when things turn slick. Available in that “mushroom” suede, or a brown leather.


1901 Horton Chelsea Boot

Just like the Barretts, only in a taller Chelsea style boot. Same leather and suede options, same studded sole.


Hart Schaffer Marx USA Made Classic Fit Wool Suits

How classic is their classic fit? That’s kinda unknown. But, thankfully, most brands have gotten the hint over the last 10 years, and most heritage brands aren’t making tents posing as two piece suits anymore. These are made in the USA from 98% wool and 2% lastol for stretch, or in the case of the solid navy, 100% wool. Again, it’s Nordstrom so it ships and returns for free. If you’re pro buying USA made goods? And are in the market for a new suit? Might be worth a shot.


Nordstrom Rulli Dot Cotton Pocket Square

Could be just the ticket to dress down a suit, or, dress up a sportcoat and jeans. The free shipping really helps here too.


Converse Jack Purcell Ox Sneaker

Grey canvas uppers and the classic JP “smile.” Ortholite footbed. And unlike white sneakers, these won’t show dirt and grime nearly as easily.


Tumi Alpha Bravo Andrews Slim Briefcase

A technical & rugged looking brief, but still professional enough for most work places. Ballistic nylon with leather trim. Dimensions are 16″W x 11″H x 2 1/2″D.


To Boot New York Cap Toe Oxford

Hello Bordeaux! Probably a little sleeker than the Park Ave. And that shade of bordeaux leather. Good gracious. Made in Italy.


Billy Reid Diamond Qulited Jacket

Is it spendy for what appears to be a lightweight, cotton-blend zip up? Yes. But those squared off elbow patches tho. That, and Billy Reid stuff, even their casual gear, is up there in terms of quality. A splurge for sure. Want something awfully similar looking (minus the elbow patches) for a heck of a lot less? Try this from Nordstrom’s house brand for $79.90.


TBNY Bateman Brogue Wholecut



Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

Herschel’s popular duffel, complete with an extra/separate compartment for shoes, made with stripes and contrasting handles.


Red Wing 6 Inch Moc Toe Boot

Made in the USA stompers for when the weather starts to turn. Classic Moc Toe and rubber sole. Goodyear Welted.


Barbour “Canterdale” Jacket

Available in either Navy or an earth tone. Has those chest high hand-warmer pockets which might come in handy. Something to wear with those Red Wings.


To Boot New York "Toby" Chelsea

Hey look. A chelsea boot on Dappered. Who’d a thunk. Made in Italy. Super sleek. Appears to avoid unnecessary heavy toe burnishing (which so many chelseas seem to think is a requirement). Also available in black.


Red Wing Chukka Boot

Not a bad alternative and upgrade to the classic Clark’s Desert Boot. Made in the USA of course.


Good Man Brand Soft Jersey Blazer

Not many of us have a ton of desire for a black blazer, especially one in a soft jersey knit, but this one? There’es wool in there. Fabric makeup is: 33% cotton, 25% wool, 25% acrylic, 15% nylon, 2% spandex. Hm. This could be a perfect, super casual sportcoat that’d be a nice alternative to a rumpled chino sportcoat. There’s a “there” there.


JWN & Cole Haan

Just a couple of casual lace-ups. No true oxford lacing here, so, they’re more smart casual to casual leaning.


Ledbury Shirts

It can be tough, real tough to get Ledbury shirts on a discount. Made in Poland from really nice fabrics, they hold up great, they feel and fit great, and that lowered 2nd button is a total game changer for those that prefer to go tieless. Note that these are their true spread collar. Not semi spread. So, depending on how you like to go tieless, it might not frame your face as much as you’d like.


Ledbury Shirts

And now the solids. Or, about solid if it’s the blue shirt (there’s a micro houndstooth pattern to it). Still spread collars here. If these were semi-spreads… boy, some of us would be out about a hundred bucks.


Allen Edmonds Carlyle Plain Toe Oxford

Again, the Anniversary Sale often puts first quality, desirable Allen Edmonds models on serious markdown. $260 for this shoe is awfully kind. Full review here. Available in black or walnut (as shown above).


Hart Schaffner Marx USA Made Wool Blend Blazer

Tough to get more classic than that. Fabric is imported, but it’s made here in the good ol’ USA. Fabric makeup is 85% worsted wool, 10% silk, and 5% mohair. Classic fit here.


Nordstrom Extra Trim Fit Dobby Dress Shirt

Dots or a micro pattern can be an excellent way to step outside of the norms of stripes, checks, and gingham. This would look great under a sportcoat with jeans and chelseas. Extra trim fit here.


Calvin Klein Carmichael Chukka Boot

Those are very, very sleek looking. Almost chelsea boot like in appearance. Big fan of that tumbled, textured, super dark brown leather. Nice price too. Also available in black.


Boss & Cole Haan Leather Jackets

Spendy, but that’s leather jackets for you. Both have moto-style (or, a stand) collars instead of bomber collars. Big fan of that stitching at the shoulders on the BOSS option. Cole Haan was originally $595, with the Boss going for a whopping $795 pre (and post) sale.


Allen Edmonds McAllister Wingtip

Another winner of an Allen Edmonds design. Full wingtip but a true oxford so it’s still easy to wear with a suit (blucher style wingtips can look too casual). Too bad the spectacular merlot shade isn’t up for the sale. Walnut and Black are your choices here.


Nordstrom Parker Leather Belt

It seems far to easy to screw up a belt buckle. Some belts have huge clunky buckles, others have oddly shaped buckles with super high shine chrome. These? They go minimalist. And while not everyone will love the gunmetal color to the brown option, again… it’s subtle.


Nordstrom Trim Fit Non-Iron Gingham Dress Shirt

Simple, preppy, classic, trim fit gingham button downs. Plenty of good looks without having to shell out for a Brooks Brothers level of pricing. Lots of colors to pick from.


Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford

Won’t turn heads like the Cornwallis or Strand, but won’t get any super-conservative boss’s knickers in a twist either. Classic dress shoes. Interviews, weddings, etc. Available in brown or black.


JB Britches Wool Sportcoat

I own a JB Britches sportcoat (technically, it’s a dinner jacket) and I gotta say I like it. Fit is close to a Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald. “Classic” to most, but still contoured and tapered enough to prevent you from looking like SpongeBob.


Nordstrom Socks

Thhhheeeeeeeeeeeee Best. Obligatory. Multiple colors available. A great time to stock up. The argument for “why” you should get these can be found over here. Normally $12.50 for the mid calf and $14.50 for the over the calf. Allen Edmonds Whole Cuts not included.


Made in the USA Cedar Shoe Trees

Lotta shoes in this post. Lots. So you’ll need some of these. Nice quality too. Smooth operators, unlike cheaper versions made in China that can be a bit sticky when it comes to their springs. Like everything else, they ship and return free.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale runs through August 6th, after which prices return to their normal levels. See an item in the Anniversary Sale that deserves a mention, but wasn’t in the above picks? Got in-person experience with it? Send in those tips to

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