In Review: The Lands’ End Half Canvas Italian Wool Blazer

This thing has been perpetually on back order since it hit the Lands’ End site in the spring. And it’s easy to understand why. Italian wool, tailored fit, AND a half canvas construction? Play your cards right and you could get one for $173 with a 40% off code, or $144.50 with the every so often half off one item code.I mean, those prices are J. Crew Factory chino sportcoat territory.

While it can take months to get your hands on one, it is worth it. Especially at those discounted prices. But that scarcity doesn’t mean it’s gonna be the right pick for every person’s preferences. Plenty, but not all. Here be the details of the tailored fit option…

In Review: The Lands' End Half Canvas Italian Wool Blazer |

A 40R” Tailored fit on 5’10” 185 – 190lbs


  • The Chest Piece/Half-canvas Construction. It’s legitimate and noticeable. Not anchor heavy but it’s certainly there. And it’ll form to your frame over time.
  • The All Wool Fabric. It might not be the most luxurious stuff (more on that in a second), but it feels nice enough, and it’s 100% wool from the Italian mill Comero. Blazer is made in Mexico.
  • The Buttons: Non functioning at the sleeves (there is accent stitching, but there’s room to shorten if need be). Color is a warm brown, so while not the traditional gold or brass (thankfully), it shouldn’t be mistaken for an orphaned suit jacket.
  • The Lapels: 3″ wide. Not too fat, not to skinny.
  • The Tail Length: A good, timeless length. Not chopped like some brands. Dual vents in the rear.
  • The Price: Again, hang out for a good sized code, and a half canvas blazer for the mid $100s? That’s awfully good.
  • The Fit: Available in traditional, or as shown here, their more tailored fit. Which is slim, but not skinny.

In Review: The Lands' End Half Canvas Italian Wool Blazer |

Workhorse wool with a little texture. Non-functioning sleeve buttons with accent stitching.


  • The Lining: It’s a full lining, and while the body is viscose, it still feels a little heavy. Should be fine in the cooler months.
  • The Wool Fabric: More workhorse than luxury. If you’re used to the super 130s on the old J. Crew legacy blazers? You might be disappointed. It’s just not nearly as soft. Has a bit of a texture, but isn’t a loose hopsack like the Bonobos unconstructed Italian Wools either.
  • The lower flap pockets: Some might have preferred lower patch pockets instead, helping it look more like a blazer or sportcoat.
  • The stock, or lack there of: Current ship dates for most/almost all sizes is September 6th. C’mon man. What we doin’ out there man?

In Review: The Lands' End Half Canvas Italian Wool Blazer |

Fully lined.  Not great if you run hot, or, want to wear it when it’s hot.


Not gonna lie. It’s nice. At half off, it’s unbeatable. Even at 40% off it’s gonna be very hard to find an equal on the market. That said, some might favor Spier & Mackay’s partially lined, patch pocket blazers (although those run around $260). When available, those come in a true slim or their contemporary fit, which is a bit more accommodating than the Lands’ End tailored silhouette (but still contoured and far from a bulky/boxy fit). The tailored fit from LE is a little too trim on my frame when it comes to personal comfort. Arms/shoulders can feel restricted if you’re a bit of a gym rat. But that said, if the tailored fit is for you? And you’re in the market for a wheelhouse, versatile navy blazer? Watch for a 40% or 50% off code, then make your move.

And get ready to wait.

In Review: The Lands' End Half Canvas Italian Wool Blazer |

Shown above: Ledbury Shirt, JCF Pants, Wolverine Suede Chukkas

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