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Night Shift Goods

Never Settle, Never Grow Up, & Never Sleep Basic. Theo Hanson sits down with home goods creators Night Shift Goods to talk about home decor, lifestyle, and what’s to come.
interview by Theo Hanson

TH – Eddie and Rich How are you? Thank you so much for agreeing to be featured in our latest issue. How does it feel?
E&R -​ Awesome! its an honor to be featured, and excited to get started. It’s been a wild ride to get us to this point.

TH -​ ​So tell us a bit about yourselves…Eddie, you go first. Where are you from? Where did you go to college? What was your major?
E&R -​ Born in Hollywood CA. USC in south central. Theatre Arts & Humanities.

TH -​ ​So Eddie coming from a background in Theater and Arts…
When did you say “hey I think I want to get into bedding or I think I want to start a luxury bedding brand”?
E&R -​ One day we went shopping for comforters and saw there was a huge space missing in the big box retailers. There was not a single choice that allowed youth to truly express their own personal style in the bedroom. We decided we could help fill this void in the market and bring individuality back into the market.

TH -​ When you all were ready to get the brand out there, Were there any struggles or challenges? Did you or do you have any competitors?
E&R -​ CHALLENGES – building manufacturing capabilities in the HOME CATEGORY in the USA.
As Founder of I was the manufacturing expert with over 12 years experience. Even so, I wanted to bring more manufacturing capabilities to the USA, so we purchased quilting equipment and partnered with domestic digital printers to launch the brand…what was challenging was one of our factories went out of business just after our launch and we had to start from scratch again.

It took a year to develop the concept and master the manufacturing process, We decided to soft launch the brand with the Crooks & Castle collaboration.

As the founders of the company, we recognized a problem in the market – youth were curating their wardrobes from head-to-toe, but there wasn’t a brand offering them graphic-driven bedding and home goods to fit their style. Our goal was to launch NIGHT: SHIFT as the first-and-only home decor brand to target a market that also reaches into lifestyle and street culture.

TH -​ Now that we’ve gotten a little history on the birth of Night Shift let’s come to the present…What does luxury mean to you? Do you feel you have changed or are changing luxury bedding?
E&R -​ Luxury to us means never settling for regular. Nothing we do is regular and neither should the stuff we sleep on. We want soft cozy quality comfort that allows you to relax and drift off to the dreams you are chasing. We dream of living in the most extravagant cribs and driving the fastest cars, but where do we dream? Usually on some boring basic sheet set from the big box illuminati. We felt like your style and taste should not stop at the bedroom and we hope to allow people to bring more personality to luxury. Normally when we think of luxury you associate high priced items in fashion, art and real estate. We wanted to bring a taste of that luxury to the streets. We call it Street Luxury. High quality products that are influenced from fashion, art, music and culture.

TH -​ ​What would you say are the best qualities of your brand and how do these qualities separate Night Shift from other luxury bedding companies?
E&R -​ On-Demand Shipping allows us to offer quick turnaround on fulfillment. Made in America Proud. We collaborate with the hottest in the game. We offer unique designs that matches your personal style.
Our company is built by the same type of people that purchase.
Everyone involved in our company has grinded on the NIGHT : SHIFT to make this company a reality, and whether it be our photographer who is up late editing our photos or our designers up late chasing the perfect color we all are chasing our dreams. And even though we all are up late making this a reality, we all need to crash sometime. And when we do , we always choose NIGHT : SHIFT and so should you.

TH -​ ​What do you personally love about Night Shift . Is it the bold designs, the comfort, the overall personality?
E&R -​ NIGHT : SHIFT is unique because we’re the only bedding and home décor brand speaking to the youth culture audience, specifically through a streetwear and beach lifestyle lens. All of the founders, including myself, grew up being influenced by music, art, skating, surfing and fashion. Instead of communicating our aesthetic through apparel or shoes, we chose to focus on the bedroom and the home. We’re inspired by influencers in Fashion, Music and Art. We want to build home products with the very best from these cultures.

TH -​ ​What would you say would be the signature for Night Shift?
E&R -​ It’s our Comforters for sure. We bring a new sense of style to any bed with the comforter, and that being the focal point of most rooms it helps breath new life to any boring basic room. We call it Room Decor for the Hustlers. What’s the last thing you see when you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up? Your bed has the power to change the way you think, act, and take on the world. Wrap yourself up with one of the major keys to success… Quality Bedding influenced by the street culture you love.

TH -​ ​Who is responsible for the amazing prints and graphics designs? How long does it take normally to decide in what represents the brand and is cleared to go into production? How does that process work at Night Shift?
E&R -​ NIGHT : SHIFT has an in-house team of amazing designers that pull inspiration from music art and culture. We usually create a mood board and look at the upcoming trends in fashion or music and work on a cohesive collection that will match that vibe or style. Sometimes when we work with licenses such as The DOORS we have a smaller window of what we do with the brand but we like to start with the initial concept and then go WAY LEFT from there.

TH -​ ​With your bedding designs being so bold and eclectic have you ever thought of expanding into furniture or home décor?
E&R -​ Definitely, we see the bedroom as the entry point for our customer to become comfortable with our products and introducing street fashion back to the bed. But of course we also will be getting into the other rooms soon, on-demand furniture, wallpaper, desk toys and other home decor items are all on the schedule.

TH -​ ​Tell us about your amazing new collection…
What can all of us Night Shift Heads expect? What influenced or inspired the direction for this new collection?
E&R -​ Our latest collection is the NOT SO BASIC BASICS COLLECTION. This collection is for those out there who never settle for basic, and are tired of just getting classified as the BASIC GIRL OR BASIC BOY. This collection is for those who would rather go to fashion week than the club or those who would rather record a song late night than sleep. It’s for those who we know aren’t basic because of the clothes they wear or the way they act, they never live basic and are sick of being grouped in with the rest of the sheep on instagram. Never Average. Never Regular. Never Basic.

TH -​ ​We see you have done a few dope collaborations with the brand… Tell us about them…Which were your favorites?
E&R -​ Recently, the collection for the 50th Anniversary of Summer of Love with the Doors and Janis Joplin were huge for me personally. It was always a dream growing up to be able to bring that magic of the era to the new generation. Outside of that I would also have to say the collaboration with brands like Marino Infantry and LYBB in Selfridges in London are another recent favorite that really allowed us to dive deeper into the streetwear space.TH -​ ​Should we expect more collaborations like this in the future?
E&R -​ Absolutely, We are launching our Basics collection now but soon after we have some exciting new licenses and collaborations to announce. Things that will be extremely exciting for those who love us already. We have a few major streetwear brands coming soon and also a collaboration with a major sports icon soon. Can’t say specifically yet but we always try to work with the hottest up and coming brands and collaborate with people that never settle for regular. We also will be doing a contest soon on our instagram for artists all around the world to have a chance to collaborate with us, and we will post more info on that soon on our Instagram. $tay TUNED! @nightshiftgoodsTH -​ ​Well Eddie it was truly a pleasure having you and I want to thank you so much again for spending time with 7Hues and chatting with us. We definitely look forward to seeing Night Shift grow and expand in the luxury bedding industry and beyond. I personally can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. All the best!
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